Position Title: Mock or Informational Interviewer in the Educurious Expert Network
Educurious is a nonprofit organization committed to sparking interest, igniting possibility, and connecting young people to the world.  We support teachers as they bring excitement and purpose to the classroom through project based learning experiences that are grounded in rigorous curriculum.  And by engaging with real world professionals, students receive concrete feedback, build impactful relationships in a wide variety of fields, and are exposed to a universe of career possibilities.
Project based learning shifts the role of students to active participants in their learning, and cultivates their abilities to collaborate, persist in their endeavors, communicate effectively, increase subject knowledge, and the ability to apply that information to authentic problems. Key to a successful project based learning environment is having a network of experts who are invested in students’ success – helping them develop critical thinking skills as they engage in learning that matters to them.
Through partnerships with individual employers and local businesses, young people learn the skills and experience necessary to be successful in the workplace while exploring the breadth of potential career possibilities.  As a mentor, you will join a network of caring adults committed to investing in the next generation of diverse leaders, ages 14-18.
Position Summary
Interviewers engage with students in a variety of face-to-face or video conferencing events.  Students pose questions about careers or subjects they are interested in, and experts share stories about their education, industry, career path, challenges, and successes. Through mock interviews, students are able to practice and receive feedback on the communication skills they are learning in the classroom with professionals employed in the industries where they aspire to work.
Duties and Responsibilities
In-person events are designed to be responsive of the needs and interests of students. The following are examples of potential responsibilities for experts:

  • Attend in-person networking event(s) with students in Renton and Federal Way.   
  • Introduce yourself by sharing your education journey, professional experience, career pathways, and interests.  
  • Conduct a mock or informational interview with a student (with the help of Educurious) either in-person or via Skype.
  • Answer student questions honestly.
  • Offer feedback to address what the student did well and areas they can improve during their informational or mock interview.
  • Share resources, information, contacts, websites, books, etc. to help further student exploration and research.
Experts should be able to attend at least one event throughout the course of the program, January 2018 – June 2018.
Experts receive direct support and onboarding from an Expert Relationship Manager including:
  • Networking handbook and onboarding session.
  • Best practices for working with diverse high school students.
  • Curated list of interview questions to ask students (if applicable).
  • Assessment forms to guide feedback discussions with students (if applicable).
Qualifications and Skills
Experts in the Educurious Expert Network should have an interest in supporting young people in high school to develop professional and career skills. Mentors are not required to have prior mentoring experience, but should have:
  • Self-awareness of personal and professional path, growth and goals and enthusiasm for sharing career knowledge with others.
  • Ability to provide constructive feedback and model professional reflection.
  • Passion for identifying, validating and encouraging positive qualities and development in others.
  • A high school diploma or GED. Additional professional credential or higher education is preferred.
  • Minimum of 2-3 years of work experience, increasing levels of responsibility is preferred.
Educurious strongly encourages individuals with diverse experiences, backgrounds and demographics that reflect and resonate with young people served by Educurious to apply. Volunteers must successfully complete a background check to work with minors.
Application Process
To apply, complete the Expert Network application available at
here (select the option to connect as an “expert”). Once you have indicated your interest, you will hear from an Expert Relationship Manager within 2 business days.